Born Ticking

by Viewfinder

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After disbanding his Edinburgh based noise-rock band and dropping out of university, Joel Burton returned home to London disillusioned. Using cheap synths, an FX unit, and some multi-track cassettes as his compass, he set about re-discovering how to write songs with subtlety and meaning. The result is Viewfinder’s ‘Born Ticking’, a collection of home recordings that manage to seamlessly combine Joel’s love of alt-country, post-punk, minimalist classical, jazz and the golden eras of both 90s indie rockers and 60s songwriters.

The songs on ‘Born Ticking’ come from a place of low energy and rootless inspiration. Joel’s free-associating lyrics wander from childhood memories to ruminations on dying, from interpersonal misfires to (mal)adjusting to adulthood, from struggles with self-love to finding unexpected beauty. The music is ambitiously constructed yet deeply human, managing to combine wilful imperfection with meticulously crafted composition. There is melancholy, sadness, and a rumbling undercurrent of anger – yet creeping out of ‘Born Ticking’s meditative tape-hiss is a profound sense of hope.


released March 20, 2017

Joel wrote, played and recorded everything on this EP.

Backing vocals by Aidan Lysaght.

Mastered by Josh.


all rights reserved



Memorials of Distinction London, UK

Record Label.

Spewing morbid noise out into the void.

Mix series:

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Track Name: Born Ticking
here my brothers my children
my every namesake
extending thru time
and to all overgrown
my universe to disown
my universe to disown
reaping that sown by
neural transvestites
amplified thru glass
and louder than nothing
broken and jagged
tearing the throat
all fusion no spirit
commercial not spin it
like some grey instalment
forsaking the forsaken
a few from bottom up and
rows of pews before a cup
that holds some elixir
some nasty spirit mixer
drunk in the church
so far has it come
so deep has it sunk
and buried beneath
all the crap and the junk
that funnelled itself
from the sky since the start
into the mouth of the babe freshly bawling
born ticking
Track Name: Money

use me for this one
use me for that
use for the useless
on the soaked alley sat
with a soaked alley cat
use his face for a mat
give this tit take this tat
poison your rats

use all the numbers
use what logic you got
it's not useful its wasteful
i want not your mortal rot

tell me
what use are you now

wont buy my silence

tell me
what use is your talk

sniff this one sniff that
go with your gut
useless in hazes of smoke and of smut
treading a line
a long white line
im feeling so fine
my self is all mine
thy kingdom is thine
what use is time

shoot up shoot up shawop shabop...

Track Name: Vibrations
It’s a Thursday, you are preparing for the day’s work, brushing your teeth and washing your skin to appear and feel at least presentable following the bluntness of waking. At some point during the walk from the front door of where you live to the bus stop where you catch a numbered bus that takes you to the underground station you feel a slight vibration at your ear, a dragonfly or a colourful moth or some vibrant insect vibrating near the the tender skin surrounding your eardrum, the vibrations causing furtive shivers throughout your body in response to the slightest breeze, you wave briefly to a neighbor, continuing towards the bus stop not entirely realizing that you are swatting at the vibration, almost inadvertently, with the speed and precision of catfish darting in water, you grow frustrated as your attempts at violence increase in vigor and failure, the insect evades you, you’re whole body shudders at the touch of a nearby hedge, a pedestrian shows brief concern, your thoughts of the people in your life, your inadequacies, your distractions are eclipsed by the thought of thousands of legs on hundreds of insects, your skin begins to crawl indefinitely, you pass what looks like the local park in the fervor of the morning semi-suburb and the worsening malaise of vibrations, you have entered the park without realizing, a second insect is intrigued by your ear it seems unless the first one has become more excitable or its vibrations have somehow become more present to you, you see trees and ponds, you see movement throughout the water, you cannot tell its cause, you hear rustles in every tree, you see each leaf moving fractional distances and back again, you sit at a bench near the water exhausted beneath the weight of the noise of it all, you have removed your clothes, there seemed no other choice, winged vibrations are surrounding your head and you become increasingly aware of miniscule movements of miniscule legs racing around your bare neck and chest, approaching your midriff and lower back, you find yourself in the water, it doesn’t matter and you are desperate, the water must rid you of this you believe, the clarity of it, you submerge your head, you are met with a new kind of confusion, warbled low resonances deafening in volume, you open your eyes and can make out in the gloom of the pond immaculate darkness composed of infinite movements and tiny flashes of light occurring hundreds, now thousands, now millions of times by the second
Track Name: Limit to Forgiveness
ominous cloud
creeping thru the curtain and between
two perfect holes
sitting where my brain should be

bats at night
in hidden corners shrouded by the deep noise in the dark
the cries are lean
and i'm feeling mean

disembodied heads
falling from some righteous neck
and yes there are more faces
than there are people with me now

there's a limit to forgiveness and
I found mine in a reflection
lamplit london fading from
behind the public glass
Track Name: As I Know It
as i know it
it's a bang bang drum
pulling ever upwards like a child when it's sunk
pushed into the pool by some inimical friend
lights twisted in water and closing in fast

as i know it
it's an underground station
blurred faces striving for a little admittance
willing some gate to lurch itself open
lurch itself open and reveal what's inside

as i know it
it's a seasick giraffe
no trees in the sea just unsteady deck
pinheaded sailors cavort in their language
one ship in a largeness all gleaming and blue

as i know it
it's dust under the couch
lurking unnoticed til it's too fucking late
the sound of the vacuum the hum roar and suck
the unfathomable noise ridding fabric of muck

as i know it
it's a tin of old paint
bubble and curdle so love-like in death
a black and white picture of somebody's day out
eating sandwiches and riding a merry go round
Track Name: Instant Moonlight
you didn't ask to be born
you take your drugs and your variations of porn
you're a myth just waiting to happen
but every day a part of you feel shattered

institutions, disillusions
instant moonlight in the eyes of a child
disappearing, disappearing
instant moonlight in the eyes of a child

you sprawl with a cigarette in your hand
you can forget about your promised land
and you love with all of your brain
you spend your summers in the windows of trains

institutions, disillusions
instant moonlight in the eyes of a child
disappearing, disappearing
instant moonlight dying and wild
Track Name: Nightime Rider
call me the nightime rider
for whom the moon does shine
and it's goodbye to the beasts i tamed
in this old home of mine

fight me in the boxcar
or any kind of train
pierce me with your iron tooth
and i will feel no pain

a dream that was not spoken for too long
nothing was strange
and everything was wrong

when i was a child i constructed
from tins and rubber bands
a shiny raft to float in
and i still got the scars on my hands

nothing is really different
these thoughts still fall like rain
always just some fiction
but nothing really seems the same

a dream that was not spoken for too long
nothing was strange
and everything was wrong

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